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Puppy Photoshoot | Toronto Pet Photographer

My own family recently got a puppy that we named Chocolate. He is a chocolate lab/ husky mix. Puppies are so adorable and lots of fun to play with. There's also a lot of chewing while getting their new set of teeth - just like real babies do!

While taking Chocolate to the park one day I met a friendly neighbour named Robin. Robin has four dogs - two of which are white standard poodles. She told me they were new parents to 9 puppies!!! I couldn't wait to meet them. We decided to do a photoshoot with them at 3 weeks old - they had just opened their eyes the day before the shoot and almost walking... its pretty much a crawl and as cute as can be.

Of course, when I told my daughter about the photoshoot she wanted to come along and I was able to capture a few photos of her and the puppies as well. It was hard for us to say good-bye when they had to go home, but we're planning to visit them again soon to get some newborn puppy cuddles. Here are some of my favourite photos from the session.

If you're looking to capture some portraits of your four-legged family member, just sent me an email to reserve a session and capture them while they are still little as we all know how quickly puppies grow. We can do an in-home photoshoot or at a local park (if they have been vaccinated).

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3 week old Puppy Photoshoot with Mother


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