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Kath V, Award Winning photographer from Australia came to the studio for a Workshop

Kath V, Award Winning photographer from Australia came to the studio for a Workshop. She has won multiple photography awards and is well known all over the world for her famous "sitter" photography.  Kath V is most famous for her floral bonnet portraits of babies. I was so proud to host her and meet her in person. She is just the sweetest and most humble person.

She came to the studio for workshop on newborn photography and of course; Little Sitters baby-photography. We had 7 photographers attend from all over Canada come to the studio to learn new skills for newborn photographer and learn the secrets of relaxed Little Sitter Sessions for older babies. Here are some portraits that I took at the workshop.

I'll be doing some Little Sitter Milestone Photography Sessions this weekend and again in August. These sessions are perfect for older babies - age 4-12 months and are just the right amount of time to capture your baby's sweet expressions and personality. 

To make things easy - all you have to do is bring your baby! You will have access to our gorgeous studio wardrobe, full by designer baby wear such as Pup & Frank, Cora and Violet, Mia Joy Studio, etc.  I'm always adding to our sitter wardrobe and backdrop collection so there will always be something new. The set design is kept simple so all of the focus is gorgeous little face.

There are only 5 spots available so please book early to avoid disappointment.


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