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How to Prepare for Corporate Headshots

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Your company profile headshot is an important statement about who you are. Good wardrobe choices will help you feel and look confident.

Treat your portrait with the importance you'd give to a first impression - it's your personal brand. How do you want to be seen: as conventional, neighborly, cutting edge? The clothing you wear reflects these attributes. For most business headshots, you want to present yourself as an established business professional, but with some individuality and flair.

We suggest wearing clothing that is consistent with your normal professional attire, but carefully curated - as if you were going to an important business meeting.

Clothing for professional formal business portraits: men should wear a solid dark suit, a pressed well-fitting solid long-sleeve shirt, and a dark tie. Women should wear a solid suit and light blouse; pick something that fits well at the shoulders and has a good, simple neckline. Avoid loud patterns and loud colors, especially in a group shot. Establishing a consistent look throughout the company ("team") gives an impression of integrity and cohesion.

Clothing for casual, friendly, approachable portraits: a blazer or sports jacket over a pressed solid button-down shirt or a blouse works well. If you're just wearing a shirt or blouse, avoid bright whites (they lose highlight detail) and short sleeves.

Business headshot wardrobe tips:

  1. Please press or iron your clothes.

  2. Hair and nails should be neat and trimmed.

  3. Avoid shirts/jackets with bold stripes or intricate patterns: they tend to moiré on the web and are distracting - patterned ties are fine though ("when the light hits your silk like a rippling of milk that's a moiré").

  4. No light-grey suits, vests, or turtlenecks (unless you're Steve Jobs). Overly bold or chunky jewelry takes the focus away from you.

  5. Pastels or rich colors like maroons or deep greens/blues photograph particularly nicely.

  6. Bring an alternate shirt/blouse/tie if convenient.

  7. You can never go wrong with a wardrobe that's simple, upscale, and elegant.

  8. A positive attitude is the most attractive thing you can bring to a shoot. We keep our sessions light and fun. And hey, it beats working!

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